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The ethics of survivor research: Guidelines for the ethical conduct of research carried out by mental health service users and survivors

A manual for ethical research practice, from the perspective of mental health service users and survivors.

Written by:
Alison Faulkner
Date published:

This accessible manual offers guidance on some of the difficult and important issues to consider prior to a research project or research training programme.

Aimed at mental health service users and survivor researchers, trainers and interviewers, it looks at ‘survivor-controlled’ research, though many of its guidelines are relevant to user involvement in research more generally. Drawing on the experience of survivors and service users it considers key issues such as informed consent and confidentiality with particular reference to mental health settings.

It also addresses less commonly discussed issues, such as feedback to participants, dissemination and a commitment to change based on research findings.


1861346662.pdf (686.46 KB)