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An evaluation of Local Links: Reviewing a pilot programme to develop active networks in local communities

An evaluation of Common Purpose's Local Links programme, which aims to develop active networks in local communities.

Written by:
Icarus Collective
Date published:

This report evaluates a pilot programme that is exploring the potential to develop active networks in local communities. It informs the current debate on neighbourhood governance and builds on JRF research that explores issues of community empowerment, local governance and user participation in local service delivery. The report evaluates:

  • Programme coordination and management: clarity about what the programme sought to achieve; whether the correct people participated; management and coordination; contextual factors affecting delivery
  • Approach to delivery: sustaining the interest of participants; whether content was fit for purpose; whether the environment was conducive to the delivery of project objectives.
  • Impact on participants in terms of: confidence; understanding the local area; networking; skills; motivation; benefit to participants' own projects; activism and employment.
  • Impact on the area: new initiatives and opportunities.

A companion report, Developing active networks in local communities: A review of Local Links, a pilot programme in West Yorkshire by Susie Hay of Common Purpose, is also available.