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Childcare and child poverty

An assessment of the critical role of childcare policies in ending child poverty by 2020.

Written by:
Jane Waldfogel and Alison Garnham
Date published:

Over the past 10 years, great strides have been made in improving childcare, but more must be done to improve quality and to make childcare more affordable and available to the most disadvantaged groups. This report sets out how, with further improvements, childcare policy can continue to play a key role not just in reducing poverty for today's children, but also in improving outcomes and preventing poverty for the next generation.

The report addresses:

  • the childcare strategy and its impact to date;
  • how many children might be moved out of poverty through further childcare reforms; and
  • what further reforms to childcare policy are most needed to attain the child poverty goal.

This is one of seven reports linked to the Roundup 'What will it take to end child poverty in 2020?'

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