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Housing for disabled children and their families: an information resource

An overview of information about housing for disabled children and their families, and ideas for improving their circumstances.

Written by:
Judith Cavet
Date published:

The purpose of the resource is to raise awareness of this important aspect of community care and to help non-specialists find out more about promoting positive change in this complex field.

The information resource contains:

  • a summary of research evidence about the housing circumstances of disabled children and their families;
  • an indication of the role of front-line workers in relation to housing for disabled children and their families;
  • potential ways of improving housing, including moving house and adapting a family’s existing home;
  • a summary of the relevant law in England;
  • a series of case studies to help consolidate and expand knowledge of some of the issues involved; and
  • guidance on running workshops to provide information to interested practitioners and families.
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