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The right place: A parent's guide to choosing a residential special school

A guide for parents choosing a residential special school for their disabled child.

Written by:
Jenny Morris
Date published:

When local schools and support services do not meet a child’s needs, it can be daunting trying to judge whether a residential special school would be better. Written in partnership with parents of disabled children, this booklet offers advice and information about choosing a residential special school. It lists the kinds of questions that parents might want answered, and gives advice about how to seek the information they need.

It covers:

  • how to find out about what residential special schools there are
  • how to get information about a school
  • what to look for and ask about when deciding which school would be best for your child
  • what should ring alarm bells for you when looking at a school.

It identifies questions which will help parents find out how what their child’s experience at school is likely to be, from what the food is like to how the school respects children’s rights. It also suggests questions relating to the education, health, personal care and safety of children. There is a list of useful publications and organisations at the end of the booklet.


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