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Case studies of community resilience to climate change

This report presents four case studies, which focus on capacities, community engagement and governance in the context of community resilience to climate change. It is supplementary to Community resilience to climate change: an evidence review, which draws on the case studies for illustrative examples.

Written by:
Katya Brooks, Alexia Coke, Paula Orr, Rolands Sadauskis, Neil Simcock, Liza Papadopoulou, Andrew Stirling, Clare Twigger-Ross and Gordon Walker
Date published:

The report shows:

  • four case studies covering flooding, place making, energy and Transition;
  • how resilience of communities to climate change manifests in a number of different ways;
  • the core roles of engagement and community capital in improving resilience of communities; and
  • the interrelationship between different capacities for resilience, e.g. between institutional and infrastructure resilience.