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Changing places, engaging people

The JRF Area Regeneration Programme encompasses more than 30 diverse research and development studies of the problems in, and possible solutions for, rejuvenating deprived areas.

Written by:
Duncan Maclennan
Date published:

In this report, Duncan Maclennan relates the key findings from the programme to the Social Exclusion Unit’s consultation report, National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal.

Whilst much of the evidence produced in the Area Regeneration Programme has already informed the National Strategy, there remain differences in the conclusions from the evidence and those of the Strategy. Acknowledging the overlap, and the clear and useful approaches in the National Strategy, this report highlights the topic areas where the Programme suggests additional actions are needed. In this report, Professor Maclennan discusses:

  • Problem definition, incidence and causes (SEU National Strategy, chapters 1 to 3)
  • The role of housing systems in neighbourhood change (SEU National Strategy, chapters 3 and 6)
  • Jobs (SEU National Strategy, chapter 5)
  • Strengthening communities (SEU National Strategy, chapter 6)
  • Changing services (SEU National Strategy, chapter 7)
  • New organisational and governance arrangements (SEU National Strategy, chapter 8).


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