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Coalfields regeneration: dealing with the consequences of industrial decline

Coalfields regeneration recounts the attempts made by communities to reconstruct their lives in the context of destructive economic and competitive processes.

Written by:
Katy Bennett, Huw Beynon and Ray Hudson
Date published:

While the report focuses on British coalfields, there are lessons for regeneration strategies in other areas, both urban and rural - especially those dependent on a single economic activity. Based on in-depth and personal studies of two communities, the report:

  • examines the particular social and economic changes they have gone through;
  • assesses current regeneration strategies and organisations;
  • looks at best practice for community development; and
  • discusses policy implications

Coalfields regeneration concludes that the persistent problems characteristics of former coalfield areas would be better tackled by regeneration initiatives that focus on the needs of communities rather than on national policy objectives.