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Commonhold law: problems and potential solutions

With the Government committed to introducing commonhold legislation in the year 2000, this study aims to help those affected by the creation and operation of both residential and commercial commonhold communities to evaluate whether the proposed legislation will address their needs.

Written by:
Katherine Rosenberry
Date published:

Professor Rosenberry explains what commonhold is and identifies problems that arise in the creation and operation of commonhold communities. She discusses around 100 different topics, including registration documents, public disclosures, operational procedures such as preparing budgets and collecting service charges, and how to deal with change within communities.

The report not only identifies possible problems, it also discusses potential solutions looking at existing practice in Australia and the USA. This report will be of particular interest to developers, lenders, managing agents, lawyers, insurance agents, accountants, surveyors, estate agents, tenants, those who may purchase homes in residential commonhold communities, and business people interested in commercial commonhold communities.


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