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Dementia without Walls – reflections from people with dementia

Two accessible reports on our Dementia Without Walls programme, featuring reflections from people with dementia.

Written by:
Marlene Aveyard, Ken Clasper, Eddy Flory, Agnes Houston, Peter Jones, Wendy Mitchell, Charlie O’Neill, Keith Oliver, Elaine Stephenson and Daphne Wallace (with support from Nada Savitch)
Date published:

These two reports, presented in an accessible format, bring together the reflections of ten people with dementia who were involved in different aspects of Dementia Without Walls.

One report reflects on the programme itself, while the other reflects on how people with dementia have been involved.

These publications add to JRF’s learning about building a society that is more inclusive, welcoming and accessible to people with dementia. They are part of the final year of JRF’s Dementia Without Walls programme.