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Devolving governance: Area committees and neighbourhood management

A report of a JRF seminar which brought together councillors, officers and academics to progress debate on devolving governance.

Written by:
M D Wilkinson
Date published:

In recent years, issues around the new 'localism' and the devolution of power to a lower level have taken on new impetus in government circles.

This area of policy could have huge significance for reviving the flagging interest in, and commitment to, local governance. However, it is clear that significant tensions often emerge in the process of decentralisation. It is therefore essential that key stakeholders continue to broaden their experience of what does and does not work.

This report draws together a series of recommendations, emanating from presentations and discussions at the seminar (held in March 2004) and the range of research materials made available by those present. The report has recommendations for both central and local government.


1859353339.pdf (106.97 KB)