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Disabled parents and schools: Barriers to parental involvement in children's education.

This booklet looks at the particular problems disabled parents face as they try to support their children's education.

Written by:
Jenny Morris
Date published:

There are 2.1 million disabled people in the UK who have children under 16. The problems they face as parents supporting their children through school have an impact on both the parents and their children. The booklet is based on consultation with disabled parents and with groups representing disabled parents.

The issues raised include:

  • Finding and applying for a school
  • When children start a new school
  • Access and transport
  • Relationships with teachers
  • Communications between schools and parents
  • Parents' involvement with the life of the school

In each case the author reports on the good and bad experiences of the parents themselves and identifies the questions that schools, governing bodies and local education authorities should address in order to tackle the issues raised by the disabled parents.


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