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Employing people with learning disabilities: A handbook for employers

A practical and accessible guide to employing people with learning disabilities.

Written by:
Susan Hemmings and Jenny Morris
Date published:

This guide shares the experiences of employers who have successfully employed people with learning disabilities. The information and advice it contains comes entirely from the experiences of 26 employers who were interviewed as part of the project. Its suggestions and proposals are based on the practical realities of employing people with learning disabilities. Each section provides detailed guidance on the employment process – from recruitment, induction and training, through management and supervision to appraisal, performance monitoring and dealing with problems.

Examples are given to illustrate ways in which employees with learning disabilities make a positive contribution and how employers can work with staff to make this happen. Each section concludes with a checklist of tips for employers, based on the experience of employers interviewed as part of this project.

Background information, such as the business case for employing people with learning disabilities and information about the Disability Discrimination Act, is included, together with contact details for where to go for further information. The report also includes five loose leaf information cards which summarise the main issues.


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