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Empowering Birmingham's migrant and refugee community organisations

An exploration of how migrant and refugee community organisations (MRCOs) can be supported and trained to collect evidence from their communities that will help influence policy and service provision.

Written by:
Jenny Phillimore, Lisa Goodson, Deborah Hennessy and Ergül Ergün
Date published:

The role of MRCOs in providing support and guidance to new arrivals is well acknowledged. However, they also lack the resources and capacity to engage in consultation and influencing processes to help shape the ways in which services are provided for the communities they represent.

This report explores the support offered to community leaders in a range of MRCOs in the West Midlands and examines the scope of capacity building work to:

  • develop the skills of MRCO leaders to engage in, and shape, the research agenda;
  • develop relationships with policymakers and service providers;
  • engage in policy debate and influence strategy and service provision.

The report explores the barriers and constraints to success and makes recommendations aimed at helping to shape future initiatives.