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Growing support for building social homes webinar

A webinar event to learn to communicate more effectively with your audiences about the importance of social homes.

Online (Zoom)

We know that increasing the number of social homes in the UK is a key part of making sure everyone has a decent, affordable place to live. 

This webinar focused on how we can strategically frame what we say, so that we grow public support for building more social homes. It is part of our Talking about Housing series, which is helping communicators frame their stories about homes.

You can read our guide to growing support for building social homes here

More about this event

In partnership with Nationwide Foundation and JRF, FrameWorks UK provided strategies that are proven to improve public understanding and support for building more social homes. 

The webinar can help you:

  • develop your audiences’ understanding of what social homes are and why they matter  
  • make the case for social homes by using explanations of how they prevent poverty and hardship  
  • grow support for solutions to the shortage of social homes.  

It is a 40 minute presentation followed by a Q&A. 


Who is this event for?

This webinar will benefit anyone who writes and talks about the importance of building more social homes, including:  

  • housing associations  
  • local government  
  • campaigners and communicators  
  • policymakers and government.
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This event is part of the housing topic.

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