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Getting a chance: Employment support for young people with multiple disadvantages

Many young people who have been long-term unemployed and taken part in the New Deal programme experience multiple disadvantages in their lives.

Written by:
Jane Lakey, Helen Barnes and Jane Parry
Date published:

Little is known about how these disadvantages have affected their ability to progress in the labour market, the types of support they have had, or the help they would like to receive. This report draws upon qualitative interviews with 49 young people with multiple disadvantages, and examines the types of support offered by 20 government and non-government organisations currently working with disadvantaged young people. Part of the Work and Opportunity series, Getting a chance looks at:

  • risk factors The effects of a range of characteristics and experiences on young people's ability to progress in current labour market conditions.
  • life transitions How the experience of employment and unemployment has affected factors such as leaving the parental home and starting a family.
  • support structures What support is currently available to young people with multiple disadvantages (including the New Deal), and how it matches up to the support young people feel they need.
  • policy recommendations The report draws out the implications for current and future policy decisions.


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