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Best practice in promoting social well-being in extra care housing: A literature review

A review of literature on best practice in promoting well-being in a range of housing and care settings for older people.

Written by:
Simon Evans and Sarah Vallelly
Date published:

This review highlights some key factors in promoting social well-being for older people, including:

  • the availability of inclusive and diverse activities, both social and creative;
  • the provision of a range of facilities as venues for social interaction, particularly a shop, a restaurant and a garden;
  • imaginative and accessible design that promotes a sense of community;
  • access to social networks beyond the housing scheme;
  • opportunities for service users to be involved in decisions about care delivery and service development;
  • and a person-centred approach to care provision.

It also identifies groups of older people who are particularly at risk of social isolation.


Smiling woman drinking a cup of tea in a kitchen.

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