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Briefing: What has happened since?

An Inquiry into British Housing was mounted in 1984 to mark the centenary of the Royal Commission on Housing for the Working Classes and also the Golden Jubilee of the National Federation of Housing Associations.

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Chaired by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
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HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, then President of the National Federation, took the chair.

The Inquiry’s brief was “to consider inadequacies in the availability and condition of housing in Britain, and to make recommendations to remedy the deficiencies identified”. Its report was published in 1985. In the years following publication, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation agreed to invest £2m in a programme of research to consider the Inquiry's recommendations in more depth.

The Inquiry reconvened in 1990 to look at the evidence, again with The Duke of Edinburgh in the chair. A second report was published in July 1991. Ten years on, this paper considers the progress achieved toward implementation of the Inquiry’s key recommendations.


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