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Crumbling castles? Helping owners to repair and maintain their homes

As far back as the nineteenth century, governments have intervened to tackle poor housing conditions. However, in recent years spending in this area has fallen.

Written by:
Philip Leather
Date published:

The ageing of the housing stock overall and an increasing number of owners on low incomes are also both having an impact on the current and future quality of Britain's housing. This report draws together the findings from fourteen individual research projects into housing conditions in the owner-occupied and privately rented sectors.

It explores the nature and extent of poor housing conditions and how these might change in the future. It considers how far poor conditions in private housing should be a matter for state intervention and examines the range of policies currently available for renovating homes. Professor Leather concludes by proposing a comprehensive framework for tackling poor conditions and recommending ways of reforming private sector housing renewal policy.


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