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Digital futures: Making homes smarter

Are we on the threshold of a completely new approach to the way the environment in our homes is controlled? This study argues that our use of technology in the home is about take a leap forward - and it shows exactly where we might be heading.

Written by:
David Gann, James Barlow and Tim Venables
Date published:

Based on experience with two pilot projects, it describes a digital future in which we will have Smart Homes that can be programmed to give us the environment we want using domestic devices in much more intelligent ways.

An accompanying video provides an accessible introduction to the idea of Smart Homes. It includes interviews with some of the participants in the project and a look at how the project has been piloted. Viewers can see what a Smart Home might actually look like. A CD-ROM provides accessible technical material for those wanting to have more detail about how Smart Homes might be created.


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