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Housing market activity and neighbourhood renewal in Northern Ireland

The housing market in Northern Ireland is facing significant pressures as a result of the economic downturn and the current public expenditure environment.

Written by:
Stanley McGreal et al.
Date published:

This study examines where investment is taking place in the housing sector, during a period of crisis for the housing market. It identifies how far this investment is aligned with policy objectives relating to neighbourhood renewal and assesses whether investment is addressing the energy efficiency of dwellings. The report looks at:

  • spatial patterns of improvements to existing housing and new development activity;
  • finance sources and the role of private sector investment and public sector grants;
  • the impact on neighbourhood renewal areas and disadvantaged locations;
  • the alignment of investment with house prices and rents;
  • the greenfield/brownfield split for new development;
  • spatial patterns and targeting of policy initiatives.
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