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Practical steps in rebalancing communities

How councils and housing associations can 'rebalance' communities by selling vacant properties on social rented estates.

Written by:
Graham Martin and Judi Watkinson
Date published:

This practical guide focuses on the practicalities and benefits of introducing mixed tenure and incomes into existing estates. It aims to provide senior policymakers and practitioners with:

  • a cost-effective way of addressing a range of estate problems;
  • a potential means of funding a change in property mix to respond to changing demand;
  • guidance on running a ‘rebalancing’ project as part of a neighbourhood renewal programme.

The guide is a follow-up to the authors’ previous report for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Rebalancing communities: Introducing mixed incomes into existing rented housing estates (Martin and Watkinson, 2003).

Available in electronic format only.


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