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Using the Community Interest Company model in the housing sector: A marriage in the making?

A study of how the Community Interest Company (CIC) model might be used in the housing sector.

Written by:
Robert Coffey, Judith Smyth and Max Hogg
Date published:

The CIC is a new legal form created for establishing companies that are owned by and tied to the community. Housing associations and registered social landlords currently use a range of company forms. The authors of this report:

  • analyse whether existing housing bodies should convert to the CIC model;
  • consider whether new housing bodies should be created using this form;
  • describe the main features of a CIC and compare this model to the other organisational forms available to housing associations;
  • discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the CIC as a legal form for housing associations.

They make conclusions about the usefulness of the form for new and existing housing bodies, and for specific purposes as part of a group of companies working in the community.

Available in electronic format only.


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