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How can 'positive risk-taking' help build dementia-friendly communities?

Are there benefits in taking risks for communities and neighbourhoods working to become dementia-friendly?

Written by:
Steve Morgan and Toby Williamson
Date published:

Managing risk can dominate everyday practice in dementia care. However, based on learning from approaches developed in statutory mental health services, the benefits of ‘positive risk-taking’ can outweigh the negative effect of avoiding risk altogether. This Viewpoint explores the ways in which:

  • The focus of positive risk-taking is on making good decisions; it is the taking of calculated and reasoned risks, not leaving things to chance.
  • It is all too easy to see the negatives around someone living with dementia and to remain oblivious to their capabilities and potential.
  • A dementia-friendly neighbourhood or community is good for everyone, from individuals to businesses; it is not just about accommodating people living with dementia.