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Job creation for inclusive growth in cities

This report identifies the ‘more and better jobs’ gap in UK cities. It explains the role of labour demand in city economies and sets out aims, rationales and types of policies for inclusive growth.

Written by:
Andy Pike, Neil Lee, Danny MacKinnon, Louise Kempton and Yohan Iddawela
Date published:

This report shows:

  • There is a significant shortfall in labour demand in 12 major UK cities.
  • Local industrial strategies can raise labour demand in cities and can complement supply-side policies.
  • Policy interventions should be based on clear and robust aims and rationales, and careful coordination with supply-side initiatives.

The priorities for demand-side policies are:

  • Identifying and targeting inclusive growth sectors, fostering demand-led skills development, building closer employer engagement and partnership focused on priority sectors.
  • Lobbying for greater devolved powers, and strengthening policy analysis and evaluation frameworks.