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Making connections: Developing inclusive leisure in policy and practice

A review of how leisure providers can work with young disabled people to develop more inclusive leisure facilities.

Written by:
Pippa Murray
Date published:

Young disabled people are commonly excluded from mainstream leisure services and activities. This report reviews young disabled people’s experience of leisure provision and access, and how leisure providers can work with them to develop more inclusive facilities.

The study reports on a project in which young disabled people and service providers came together to discuss the young people’s needs and requirements for leisure, and how these discussions developed. Scattered with quotes from the young people themselves, the report identifies the barriers young people face, including isolation, lack of money and transport, inaccessible buildings and unhelpful attitudes. It reports the young people’s own attitudes to their situation, and their aims and aspirations for the future.

It makes a clear case for why leisure should be accessible to all as well as giving many good practice suggestions. Making connections concludes with recommendations and advice on how such a consultation exercise could be replicated by others wanting to explore young disabled people’s leisure needs.


1859352006.pdf (3.52 MB)