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Neighbourhoods of choice and connection

A review of United States policies and practice in regeneration over the past 40 years and what lessons it provides for the United Kingdom, presented at the JRF Centenary lecture in London in July 2004.

Written by:
Bruce Katz
Date published:

Written by Bruce Katz, Vice President of The Brookings Institution and a leading authority on regeneration, the paper suggests that sustainable, long-term improvement to deprived and failing communities is not just a matter of providing better homes or more jobs. Katz suggests that they must become both ‘neighbourhoods of choice’ – which attract new, higher earning residents while encouraging local people to stay in the area – and ‘neighbourhoods of connection’ – providing easy access to good education and training, and job opportunities – to break the cycle of concentrated poverty. Available in electronic format only.

Also available for download is the powerpoint presentation given by Bruce Katz at the JRF Centenary Event.