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Cost of living

Cold comfort for those struggling most with the cost of living

Responding to today’s announcements on energy costs and the cost of living

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Responding to today’s announcements on energy costs and the cost of living, Katie Schmuecker, Deputy Director of Policy and Partnerships for the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation said:

“The Chancellor has offered cold comfort to families in poverty, who are already rationing what they can spend on essentials such as heating and food. These families are now expected to find at least half of the eye watering increases in energy bills, when many are already getting into debt to keep their houses warm and food on the table.

“Three quarters of those who can claim the enhanced support are not in poverty. Meanwhile inflation is set to rise at more than double the rate of benefits. This support will not get people through the next few months and it will not protect those most at risk of hardship.

“People in poverty are hit hardest by all these pressures because our social security system is simply not offering adequate support, and until that changes they will continue to be exposed to every economic shock.

“The Chancellor has made his choice, the harder choices will now be coming for those who still can’t afford essentials for themselves and their families.”

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