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Coronavirus: JRF responds to the Government's latest economic support package

Written by:
Harriet Anderson
Date published:

Helen Barnard, Deputy Director of Policy and Partnerships at JRF said:

“The government is right to recognise that we all want to support each other through these very difficult times. The Chancellor’s plan for a new job retention scheme is a huge and welcome intervention to prevent employees from losing their livelihoods due to the coronavirus pandemic, and one which we urge employers to make use of as quickly as possible".

“It’s also right to boost social security so that it offers the vital public service we can all rely on, with more support through Universal Credit and housing allowances. People who are already sick, caring for family members or have lost jobs or hours will be anxious to see the details to determine if their family can weather the storm amid rising costs. It will take a strong anchor to keep people from being pulled under".

“At a time where we all feel fear, anxiety and restriction, living in poverty presents extra and pressing challenges. Our shared values demand that people have access to the lifeline they need whatever their circumstances. The government must build on their impressive commitment to workers and ensure that everyone has what they need to get through exceptionally hard times.”