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Rising tide of poverty could continue - JRF responds to National Living Wage rise

Responding to the New Year's announcement of an increase in the National Living Wage, starting in April, Claire Ainsley, executive director at the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation, said:

Written by:
Harriet Anderson
Date published:

“The Government is right to take steps to tackle the injustice of in-work poverty and move towards a real living wage. But too many workers are finding that minimum wage increases are being lost due to high housing costs, and inadequate social security.

“To really make sure that those who are worst off feel the difference, the government also needs to act to reduce their housing costs, ensure social security properly supports people, and invest in skills and good jobs across every region of the UK. Otherwise the risk is that the rising tide of poverty will continue for the four million workers who have been caught in it, rather than offering the route out of poverty that so many badly need.”

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