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Perspectives on ageing: lesbians, gay men and bisexuals

This Perspectives paper explores the views of a wide range of older lesbian, gay and bisexual people, their experiences of getting older and expectations of support services.

Written by:
Sally Knocker
Date published:

Sally Knocker has gathered views from a range of people that will hopefully enhance our understanding and empathy for this often neglected group.

Contributors talked about:

  • The sense of community with other gay and lesbian people. It is highly valued and some still describe this connection as being among 'family'.
  • The huge impact prejudice and the HIV and the AIDS epidemic has had. Gay men in particular experience stigma related to ignorance and fear.
  • The fact that it can be difficult for gay or bisexual people who have been married or had children to feel relaxed and open in gay groups.

The question of being open or 'out' in later life. Should people tell care services?