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Political mindsets

The EU Referendum and UK Poverty

The first evidence-based briefing of how the outcome of the EU referendum on June 23 could affect people in poverty.

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The briefing pulls together existing evidence on work, housing, the economy and welfare. Key points include:

  • Leaving the EU could save the UK its net contribution of £9.9 billion which could be spent on poverty reduction.
  • A devaluation of the pound following a leave vote could increase the cost of imported goods and services which would impact people who already live in poverty.
  • The North East, Northern Ireland and the East Midlands would be hardest hit by any increased barriers to trade with the EU.
  • Some of the most deprived parts of the UK such as Wales and Cornwall receive £2.1 billion of funding from the EU to support development.

This briefing provides a guide on the issues being debated. Whether the UK votes to stay or to go, it’s vital that people and places in poverty are not left behind.

Ballot papers being counted during an election.

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