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Race and ethnicity

Findings from the Holme Wood Development Project 2007/8: Demographic changes and effects

The issues facing new minority communities settling in a majority-white housing estate in Bradford.

Written by:
Huw Illingworth
Date published:

This research looks at levels of cohesion in a single housing estate with low numbers of minority ethnic groups. It examines the experience of new residents from minority backgrounds recently housed in the area, as well as service providers and long-term residents.

The report covers:

  • the priorities of local services;
  • the perception of change in population measured through the changing nature of services;
  • perception of levels of racism on the estate;
  • specific nature of hostility to new communities, if any; and
  • community cohesion, key local issues and future outlook.

The summary highlights a project that worked with different cultural and ethnic groups living on the Holme Wood housing estate in Bradford, to find ways to improve relationships between them and unite the community.

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