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Temple Avenue Project: energy efficient homes for the 21st century

What can we learn about 'as-built' performance from JRHT's new energy-efficient homes?

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Richards Partington Architects
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Many processes and cultures within the house-building industry and its supply chain need to change if zero carbon housing is to become a reality in 2016.

The Coalition Government is supporting compliance through 'as-built' performance, achieved by a combination of on-site verification and assured procedures. This a new challenge to the house-building industry, which has previously demonstrated Building Regulations compliance through carbon emission calculations submitted during the design stage.

This report presents impartial evidence and learning for policy-makers and housing professionals from the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust’s new-build homes at 54 and 69 Temple Avenue in York, including:

  • Housing providers need to be more committed to ensuring that claims made by designers, contractors, developers and suppliers are supported by evidence.
  • Design processes should be improved to increase the robustness of detailed design and thermal calculations.
  • The sequence of construction processes and operations needs to be planned in more detail to include in-production testing.
  • Information provided by suppliers should reflect 'as-built' rather than laboratory performance.

Read Leeds Metropolitan University's technical report.

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