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The Homelessness Monitor: Northern Ireland 2020

This annual report funded by Crisis and JRF analyses the impact of economic and policy developments on homelessness, drawing on a survey of councils, statistical analysis and in-depth interviews.

Date published:

The Homelessness Monitor: Northern Ireland 2020 was written at a moment of great uncertainty in Northern Ireland. Even more than the rest of the UK, Northern Ireland faces economic, social and political consequences arising from Brexit. Coupled with the policy and legal stasis introduced by the collapse of the Northern Ireland Assembly in January 2017, but there have been at least some positive developments on homelessness since the last Monitor in 2016, not least the roll-out of Housing Solutions and Support.

However, the potential ending of the welfare reform mitigation package in March 2020 is clearly a very significant and urgent concern, and so too is the growing pressure on the (already modest) social housing supply in Northern Ireland.