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The Joseph Rowntree Inheritance

A review of the work of the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd, published to coincide with their centenary.

Written by:
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd
Date published:

In 1904 Joseph Rowntree, a Quaker and a successful York businessman, transferred a substantial part of his wealth into three trusts bearing his name. He hoped his legacy would be used to improve society, in particular by tackling the root causes of social problems rather than treating their symptoms. The three trusts he set up are still based in York, working independently, in a variety of ways, to achieve his aims.

This booklet is published to celebrate the centenary of the trusts. Here, leading members of each trust review the work they have done over this time, and explore how their direction and priorities have changed over time. The booklet also includes the Founder’s Memorandum, written by Joseph Rowntree in December 1904.


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