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Using local labour in construction: A good practice resource book

Using major construction programmes to tackle local unemployment is now recognised as an important element of successful long-term regeneration. However, effective schemes for getting local labour into construction are difficult to establish in a fast-moving and fragmented industry.

Written by:
Richard Macfarlane
Date published:

This report provides guidelines on what to do, how to do it and what it is possible to achieve.

Local labour in construction brings together the experience of 25 local initiatives, reflecting all types of construction, different contexts and a variety of approaches. It provides a range of options for targeting jobs and training opportunities, backed up by illustrations and examples of actual documents used.

This resource book:

  • addresses the legal issues, and provides examples of codes and contract clauses used to achieve contractor involvement;
  • looks at best practice in job-matching, training and small business development;
  • considers cost and funding issues;
  • provides illustrations of monitoring forms and benchmarks for outcomes.