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Political mindsets

Attitudes of people on a low income: work

This report looks at the impact that economic change has had on the working lives of people on a low income. It finds they are very positive about work, but want more from the labour market - they expect employers and the Government to step up.

Written by:
Nancy Kelley and Robert Wishart
Date published:

There are three things British workers expect from employers:

  • Better pay: four-fifths believe that employers should pay a wage that covers the cost of living.
  • Training and the chance to move up: three quarters expect employers to provide training to help them progress at work, and three-fifths hope to move up in the next five years.
  • Flexibility to balance work and caring: the vast majority believe that employers should always allow part-time or flexible working to enable workers to take care of members of their family.

The Government is expected to make sure that employers pay a decent wage, and to top up the incomes of working families on low incomes.

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