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Working-age families at risk of possible benefit uprating cut

Comprehensive analysis of which parliamentary constituencies will be most affected if the Government chooses not uprate means tested benefits such as Universal Credit in line with inflation.

Date published:

Our analysis shows:

  • More than 2/3rds of MPs, or 7 in 10, (445) represent areas where at least one fifth (20%) of working-age families receive means tested benefits
  • These include 193 Conservative seats, 180 Labour and 34 SNP
  • This increases to at least 24% in all the so called ‘Red Wall’ seats
  • Every constituency has at least one in ten working- age families who would be affected by the suggested cut
  • This includes 21% of working-age families in Liz Truss’s SW Norfolk constituency
  • Child benefit could also be cut, affecting 80% of children across the UK