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A Scotland without poverty

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s manifesto briefing for a prosperous and poverty free Scotland.

Written by:
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Date published:

This manifesto briefing sets out and tests thinking for the next Scottish government to support anti-poverty action at all levels.

Using the common definition of income poverty, currently more than 200,000 children, 600,000 working age adults and 100,000 retired people live in poverty. Scotland will only thrive if poverty affects fewer people and places, for shorter periods of time and with fewer damaging consequences.

In order to help Scotland set a course towards a major, sustained reduction in poverty this manifesto briefing explores:

  • Childcare and early education, which can help cut poverty by improving children’s development and educational and employment outcomes;
  • Work and supporting people to secure the best possible quality of work in terms of pay, hours, security and prospects;
  • Housing and how to provide an adequate supply of good quality, affordable homes to rent or own;
  • Financial inclusion and energy to ensure that low-income households are not paying a premium for essential goods and services; and
  • Further reducing poverty in later life.