About us

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is an independent organisation working to inspire social change through research, policy and practice.

Our vision

Our vision is for a prosperous UK without poverty, where everyone can thrive and contribute. Our comprehensive strategy – We can solve poverty in the UK – sets out recommendations for how this could be achieved. We are building on our strategy by working with private, public and voluntary sectors, individuals and communities to inspire debate and action, and to develop solutions.

What we do

We aim to influence positive and lasting change. We do this by:

  • searching out the underlying causes of poverty and disadvantage, and identifying solutions  – through research and learning from experience
  • publishing and promoting evidence, and bringing people together to share ideas
  • demonstrating solutions – developing and running services, managing land and buildings, and supporting innovation.

Work with us to solve UK poverty

In 2017, we welcomed our new Chief Executive, Campbell Robb, who is leading our continuing campaign to solve UK poverty. We will continue to work with partners on projects that support our strategy to solve UK poverty. Our main areas of focus for the year are in-work poverty, inclusive growth, and costs and living standards.

Find out more about our current work and how you can get involved.

JRF and JRHT Strategic Plan