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Work and relationships over time in lone-mother families

This research provides new evidence on what it means for families to have a lone-mother who is employed, managing work and family life, often on a low income, for long periods of time.

Written by:
Jane Millar and Tess Ridge
Date published:

With data drawn from in-depth interviews with lone-mothers and their children over a period of 14 to 15 years, the report looks at:

  • experiences of lone mothers trying to sustain work over time
  • the importance of family relationships in enabling and supporting lone mothers in work
  • the experience and contribution of children in helping their mothers to manage
  • the challenging transitions for young people when moving away from the parental home and into work
  • the importance of state support for the mothers, but the reduced support available to the young people
  • the difficulties in finding security over time.
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