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How to talk about private renting webinar

A webinar that looks at how we can frame our communications about the private rented sector. This is part of our Talking about Housing series.

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The latest webinar in our Talking about Housing series is all about how to frame private renting and the changes we want to bring about. 

When we talk about improving housing in the UK, people often focus on the desire to own a home, with renting being seen as a temporary step along the way. As a result, improving renting is not always seen and understood as a vital part of what needs to happen to ensure everyone has a decent, affordable place to call home. Other gaps in understanding can also get in the way of support for policies that would improve renting.

More about this event

Join FrameWorks UK, in partnership with JRF and the Nationwide Foundation, for a useful webinar that will provide practical insights and tips to help you:

  • Show the importance of improving private renting, and establish this as an important part of redesigning our housing system
  • Hone your explanation skills, to build understanding about policies that would improve renting
  • Use storytelling in ways that build connection and add scale and context

This free webinar will benefit anyone who writes and talks about the importance of improving and reforming private renting. It will last for 1 hour, which will include about 40 minutes for a presentation and then the remaining time for questions and answers.


Who is this event for?

This webinar will benefit anyone who writes and talks about the private rental sector, such as:

  • campaigners on housing, poverty and homelessness issues
  • policy advisers and policymakers
  • housing professionals
  • academics
  • health and wellbeing professionals
  • local authority staff
  • communicators in the housing sector 
  • private renters.

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