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Wealth, funding and investment practice

Next Frontiers 2024

The Next Frontiers conference 2024 invited people from across the finance ecosystem to explore transformative approaches to wealth management and redistribution, philanthropy, and investment.

Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9GE or online

Historically, the management of wealth has predominantly centered on achieving the highest possible financial returns, often with little regard for social or environmental impact. However, this approach has contributed to deepening inequalities and escalating ecological crises. We want to gather people and think together about what it could mean for wealth to play an active role in supporting and speeding up the transition to more equitable and just futures, where people and planet can thrive. 

There are already inspiring examples of where funding and investment is flowing differently, to benefit people and planet, led by businesses, co-operatives and social enterprises. We want to platform those who have rejected traditional models of financing and funding, and make the case for models of philanthropy and investment that are aligned with regenerative, reparative principles.

More about the event

The event was a mix of formats, with more interactivity than previous years.

Attendees were challenged, stimulated and inspired by our panellists and fellow participants, learning more about the current dynamics of wealth and power, emerging strategies for wealth stewardship, and hearing from pioneers from around the world in these fields. 

Take a look at the panels, workshops and discussions in the Next Frontiers 2024 programme (Google doc). 


Learn more about this year's speakers (Google doc). 

Conference curators 

Vicki Purewal 

Vicki has worked in and with funding organisations for 20 years. She spent 10 years at Nesta and another 10 freelancing for organisations such as The Health Foundation and Paul Hamlyn Foundation. She also supports people from different types of organisations and across systems to explore and develop new ways of working together.

Ashanti Kunene

Ashanti is the founder of Learning 2 Unlearn, a decolonial narrative consultancy, supporting people and organisations to align their actions with heart and mind. She holds a long-term vision to create deep, connective, relational bonds that support a network of funder-activists who have gained new perspectives, embody values of emerging cultures and can work in allyship to dismantle neoliberalism and build post-capitalist infrastructure.

Who is this event for?

Anyone involved in stewarding wealth, such as: 

  • wealth holders to philanthropists
  • financial advisors
  • technology innovators
  • impact investors 

and anyone who wants to explore emerging models of wealth management, and understand how we might act together to get money flowing to benefit people and planet.

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