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Wealth, funding and investment practice

Reimagining Wealth to Support a More Equitable and Just Future

A series of interactive events supported by JRF at this year's York Festival of Ideas, where we reimaged the future of ‘wealth’.

St Saviourgate, York

JRF works to speed up and support the transition to a more equitable and just future, free from poverty, in which people and planet can flourish. Reimagining ‘wealth’ is central to this work. Over the past decade, wealth inequality has increasingly been recognised as a divisive force in the UK and across the world, and is rapidly becoming a major driver of contemporary socio-economic inequality.

More about this event

As part of the York Festival of Ideas, we supported a day of discussions on theme of reimaging wealth. There were 2 interactive sessions:

  • Building Community Wealth
  • Why We Need to Talk About Wealth

In the first we explored the question ‘how can we reimagine our resources and civic assets for public and common benefit, fit for the times we are in?’

The second provided an opportunity to consider a radical reimagination of ‘wealth’, as we asked 'how can we design more equitable and democratic forms of wealth generation and distribution to support a more just future, free from poverty?'


Who is this event for?

These are open, accessible events for everyone:

  • York residents
  • change-makers
  • community builders
  • service providers
  • asset owners
  • wealth stewards
  • civic bodies
  • city-wide stakeholders.
Two men standing next to a sign that says "keep growing the love".

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