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Wealth, funding and investment practice

Shifting Power: exploring the value of pooled funds in the UK funding landscape webinar

An insightful webinar on the value of pooled funds, featuring pioneering research by Lena Baumgartner and Alice Sachrajda.

Online (Zoom)

In a landscape where collaboration and impact are key, understanding the dynamics of pooled funds has never been more crucial. 

More about the event

In this event we explored the recent study conducted by Alice Sachrajda and Lena Baumgartner, commissioned by JRF, which sheds light on the emergence and effectiveness of pooled funds. 

Chair and speakers

Who is this event for?

This event is aimed at anyone interested in the value of pooled funds, including:

  • funders and philanthropists
  • trustees and board members
  • charity and other not-for-profit staff
  • financial services and endowment managers
  • charity sector media and infrastructure organisations.
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