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Talking about homes: the foundation for a decent life

After the very high demand for our webinar in February, we ran a repeat of the session for anyone who was able to join us first time around. The first 45 minutes of this session was a presentation, followed by 30 minutes for Q&A.


If we are to build a better, more equal society in which everyone can thrive, we must make sure everyone has access to a decent and affordable home.

In partnership with the Nationwide Foundation and JRF, FrameWorks’ communications research into housing in the UK focuses on how to build the understanding that our homes are fundamental to our lives.

This webinar accompanies a toolkit of practical tips and guidance, and is aimed at not only communicators in the housing sector, but anyone who is talking and writing about homes. We shared how people think about homes, and how we can shape a new story – building public understanding and support for solutions which will make our housing system better.

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