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Talking about homes: what we can learn from homelessness and poverty research

How we talk about homes matters. We all have power as communicators to tell a story about homes that will build understanding and support for solutions to make our housing system better.

Zoom webinar

However, the housing crisis isn’t an issue that exists in isolation. Homes, homelessness and poverty are interlinked, with closely related causes and solutions. By drawing on communications strategies, which are backed up by evidence, different organisations and voices can work together to push for progress.

In this webinar session FrameWorks UK shared insights from communications research into how these issues overlap, how they differ, and ultimately how to tell a compelling story about homes, homelessness and poverty together.

The session was one hour: the first 30 to 45 minutes of the session was a presentation from FrameWorks UK, with the remaining time dedicated to Q&A. It was aimed at anyone working on communicating for change on the issues of homes (including social housing), poverty and homelessness.

This webinar was part of the Talking about Housing project supported by JRF, the Nationwide Foundation and FrameWorks UK. It followed on from two previous sessions sharing how people think about homes, and how we can shape a new story – building public understanding and support for solutions that will make our housing system better. It also draws on findings from FrameWorks’ research into Talking about Poverty with JRF and into framing homelessness with Crisis.

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