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AI for public good

The power of AI narratives webinar

As part of our series on AI for public good we asked: how can we ensure that mainstream narratives concerning AI build literacy, balance potential risks and rewards, and foster genuine public engagement?

Our panel of guest speakers unpicked the mainstream AI narratives and explored what stories they tell, and who they serve.

Online (Zoom)

Established narratives on AI usually fall into polarising visions of a dystopian or utopian future, which do nothing to empower the majority of us when it comes to our AI knowledge. It's important that we scrutinise these existing narratives and challenge how they impact us, who benefits from them, and what we can do to change the landscape.

More about this event

In this webinar our speakers built on the ideas and reflections set out in their essays, where they examined mainstream narratives on AI from different perspectives.

We discussed topics such as digital inclusion, AI literacy, data narratives, and public engagement.


Who is this event for?

  • Not-for-profits, charities and social enterprises 
  • Thinktanks 
  • Funders 
  • Local Government  
  • Grassroots and local communities 
  • Anyone interested in learning more about AI
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This event is part of the AI for public good topic.

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