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The Radix Big Tent Ideas Festival

The Radix Big Tent Ideas Festival is a new way of doing politics: the annual non-partisan platform for people and communities to engage with political leaders and influence public policy. It brings together people from all backgrounds and political affiliations, for a day of political and cultural debate.

Dean's Park, York

JRF: Regenerating collective imagination

Supporting the transition to a more equitable and just future, free from poverty - focusing on imagination, land and care.

10:00 - 11:00 Land – and why it matters

Polo Palace Tent

The UK is facing a housing crisis. Prices and rents have escalated everywhere in York driving the young people and families who keep its economy and public services out of the city.

Reckoning with the housing crisis means thinking about land and who owns and controls it but this is largely ignored in political and economic debates.


  • Miriam Brett, Co-Director, Future Economy Scotland


  • Billy Dasein, Chief Everything Officer, East Marsh United
  • Melissa Mean, Director, We Can Make
  • James Neward, Co-Foundation, YorSpace
  • Darren Baxter, Principal Policy Adviser

11:10 - 12:10 Imagining a poverty-free York - exploring new visions for the city

Polo Palace Tent

We have an unshakeable belief that poverty can be solved in the UK, but this can often seem impossible. We believe that, in these unprecedented times, new ideas and approaches will come from our communities. In this session we join people from different walks of life in York to explore how we can all contribute to the city’s future through work or social action.


  • Victoria Hughes, Programme Lead-Emerging Futures, JRF


  • Maria Bryant, Professor of Public Health Nutrition, University of York
  • Rachael Maskell, MP, House of Commons
  • Dr. Hannah Barham-Brown, Trainee GP and Deputy Leader of the Women's Equality Party

12:20 - 13:20 Time for action on care

Smartie Pants Tent

More people need care, but fewer want to do it. Government has committed to expanding free childcare and social care is likely going to become a central facet of the welfare state as the population ages – but as care worker vacancies grow, this will need a radical, rapid, expansion in the care workforce. What needs to change to forge this care revolution, and how should we reshape our view of caring – and those who do it?


  • Sophie McBain, Associate Editor, New Statesmen


  • Karoline Gerlich, Chief Executive Officer, Care Workers Charity
  • Veronica Deutsch, Research and Organiser, Ex-Nanny Solidarity Network
  • Trudie Fell, CEO Co-Founder, BelleVie,
  • Amy Horton, Lecturer in Economic Geography, UCL

JRF Interactive sessions

10:00 - 17:00 Family fun with Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Map Attack

JRF Marquee

Joseph Rowntree owned sweet factories in York over a hundred years ago and made some of the sweets that you may love to eat today, like smarties and KitKat! He had an amazing imagination and not only dreamed of creating yummy sweets, but also imagined different ways that people could live better lives in York. He imagined and built a new village called New Earswick and built this with lots of nice things to support the people who lived there. Every house had a lovely big garden with fruit trees, a playground and there was also a community hall. Joseph imagined something he thought would make life better for people in York and built it. Could you do the same?

We would like you to use your imagination to design and build the future YOU would like to see in York. Drop in and use our Lego and Duplo and let your imagination run riot. What is missing here that you’d like to see? What would make York a better place to live in? Would you like to re-build where you live? Or would you like to re-build buildings in the city? It’s up to you?

12:20 - 14:20 Family fun with Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Game Creators

Polo Place Tent

JRF and Game Creators have been working on a special project with the students of Tang Hall Primary School to unlock their creativity and explore their vision for a better York. These young game creators have designed and illustrated their dream cityscapes, showcasing their ideas for a more vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive York in the next 10 years.

In this interactive session, you'll have the opportunity to witness their remarkable artwork and delve into the world they have imagined. By exploring the landmarks of York and assisting the citizens you meet along the way, you will discover their ideas and have a chance to add your own vision for the future of York.

Join us for this captivating session where you'll not only view the incredible work of the students but also have the chance to play the game they helped bring to life. It's an experience that promises fun and inspiration for the whole family.

Let your imagination soar and become part of the journey to build "A Better York" with JRF and Game Creators.

Please note that this interactive session is suitable for all ages, but children must be accompanied by an adult.